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December 31, 2013

See you again in 2014!

This probably is my last blogpost of the year 2013. I am not the reflecting type, most of the time I just act and do what I am supposed to do or, creatively, what I want to do. But the year 2013 brought me some hightlights I just want to mention.

My youngest graduated and left the nest, leaving her parents and brother at home and went for a long trip to the USA. After that, she moved to another city to study. Surprisingly, after missing her the first months, I adjusted to the situation and I am happy seeing her live her own life.

In the context of DD's trip to the USA I spent a week with her in New York. The highlight of the year. It was a journey of meeting my own strength, meeting places I've never been, meeting a grown up daughter and love what kind of person she became. It was fulfilling a dream I wasn't aware I dreamt.

DS studies at Groningen University and got his B.A. degree last August. The ceremony was in October and we attended it as proud parents. Now he opts for a Master's degree.

It was also a year with continuing trouble at work, but somehow I learnt this year to draw a line and to be clear about what I do not accept. And to be able to communicate that with the people I work with.

Before I switch to stitch related things, I want to thank you all, for reading my stories and leaving a comment. I love every comment and I hope to 'see' you all in 2014!

On the edge of this year I have been making two almost identical quilttops in memory of our trip to NY, one for DD, one for me. 
And I have been sewing  these last days. I made a huswif and another framed purse. A little needlebook completes the set. 
Call of the Raven is growing steadily (pictures next time), and so does my bedquilt. 
I wish you all a happy New Year's Eve and 


Caroline said...

Hallo Joke,
veel geluk en gezondheid in 2014 voor jullie allemaal. groetjes Caroline

Corina said...

2013 was een bijzonder jaar voor jullie, ik wens jullie alle goeds, en een gelukkig 2014!

Saskia Smit said...

Dat is nog eens een eindsprint. Ben benieuwd naar je NYresultaat.

Giovanna said...

A very happy 2014 to you and your family!

Pauline said...

Wat een geweldig jaar met belevenissen en beslissingen, mooie werkstukken en heerlijk postjes!
Een heel fantastisch 2014, dat er veel goede dingen mogen gebeuren.