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March 03, 2013

When spring doesn't seem to come ....

When spring doesn't seem to come why not create your own spring? I stitched part of a tree this morning, with lush green leaves and little birds on its branches. I can't wait to see them in my backyard!
The shawl I am knitting for my sister-in-law is coming along. Only four times to knit the report and then I can start the border.
A new Mystery KAL by Renee Leverington is casted on. I am a little behind, but clue one is done. Here is the beginning of Ebony and Ivory.
And Call of the Raven has its monthly progress of about a 1000 stitches.


Deb said...

Raven is beautiful! Love the plantation sampler. Your knitting is very pretty. Don't worry! Spring will be there soon!

Vicky L said...

Raven is so colorful. It is looking wonderful. I am yearning for spring too. It will come.

Pauline said...

Spring will arrive this week, so the weatherman tells us, I hope you get the chance to enjoy it.
Love your work!

Sue said...

Joke, I did this sampler years ago; made a mistake and never fixed it! Maybe I should pull it out and finish very little left to do!

Yours is beautiful and your knitting is gorgeous!


Melissa said...

The Plantation Sampler is so pretty. I'd almost forgotten about this chart in my stash and now you've got me thinking I should be stitching it soon!

The knitting is gorgeous!

Carolyn NC said...

Love the PS. And I'm so with you on wishing spring would come. Lovely shawl progression and the mystery piece is beautiful!

Toniastitches said...

Hiya Joke!
I like your sampler stitchings!
After much warmness in Georgia, now the cool tempts are rolling in!! Better late than never! I dread spring and summer....major bugs....I much rather deal with snow......
Waving at you!

Vickie said...

Wow! Everything looks wonderful!!!