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March 31, 2013

Am I boring?

Am I boring you with my complaints about winter and still no spring? My apologies for that, but we had snow again last week. Even yesterday. It is Easter, so we should enjoy some sun now! Nevertheless I continue to make my own spring in stitching on Plantation Sampler. 
A horse is born and even a cow! The grass is growing and becomes greener and greener, so to my joy, on Plantation Sampler spring arrived.
There was also some time for Call of the Raven this week. The month is ending, over 1000 stitches are added again. Her dress is almost finished!
Clue 3 of Ebony and Ivory is done, I started clue 4 this week. I am behind and I don't like that at all, but I have to live with that. I wanted to do Renee Leverington's Spring Mystery too and another nice KA, provided by Deby Lake, is waiting for me.
But instead of being wise I started another project yesterday. I am feeling down a bit, these days, so I decided I needed something new, something challenging and something fresh. So I started to knit my first sock! It is on my wishlist for quite a long time and better start something that cheers you up than finish something that drags you down. (New motto LOL).
I never ever before knitted a sock (new to me), I hardly knitted with four needles (challenging) and I choose a lovely springy colour (fresh). The pattern is available for free at Ravelry, Gänsemagd. I knit it with Opal Sweet & Spicy, colorway Pflaume. 
Soon I will start another small project. I told you already, DD is going to travel to the USA  and I am going with her for one week to New York.  After that she will be on her own (okay, she stays with trusted people, but she has to do without her caring, loving family and friends).
So I am going to stitch this for her . I want to finish it as a little purse for make-up or something like that. It says: Promise me you'll always remember you're braver than you believe and stronger than you seem and smarter than you think. 
I know she is!


Tania said...

Tja, het weer wilt echt niet mee hé!
Wat een prachtig cadeau ga je voor je dochter maken. Ik kan me voorstellen, dat je ze als moeder met een klein hartje laat gaan!

Marie Smith said...

Call of The Raven is stunning! Happy Easter and hope it warms up soon.

Claire said...

Your projects look amazing.x

Miss LindaLee said...

You don't bore me at all when it comes to wanting spring weather to be here. I'm from NH so know exactly what you're talking about. We do not, and I repeat, do not miss the freezing cold winters up there in the least.

That is such a perfect gift for your daughter. A great reminder.

All of your pieces are coming right along. You do beautiful work.

Carol said...

No, you are not boring ;-)

Pauline said...

Nooit, malle meid! Ik geniet iedere week weer van je updates, en wat een leuk nieuw project heb je op de kop getikt! Die tekst... super!

Giovanna said...

What a perfect chart to stitch for your daughter! I'm sure she'll enjoy being in NY. Your stitching and knitting are lovely, as always - and we're still having very rainy and cold weather here, so as far as I'm concerned you can b*tch away about the weather as much as you want, and I'll be pleased to keep you company :-)

Deb said...

Hopefully you have some warm sunny weather. Love the new knitting project and the bright colors. Very nice. Raven is absolutely ravishing!

Carolyn NC said...

We're all complaining about the lateness of Spring! Lovely work on your WIP's and knitting.