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March 10, 2013

Still winter .... and Made for You

After stitching my own spring it lookes like it helped. Last week started with higher temperatures and I even enjoyed sitting on the balcony (knitting) for a while. But after Wednesday temperatures fell down and now we have winter agiain. Snow, a cold icy wind and temperatures below zero.
So I thought I might try it again: stitch my own spring LOL I finished the tree and added almost a sheep. Poor thing, no head and legs! But maybe I'll give it head and legs tonight ;)
I managed to finish Made for You, made for my sister-in-law. This afternoon she visited me and took the shawl with her. I could tell by the smile on her face she is very happy with it. And that makes me happy.


Melissa said...

Beautiful! Both of these! I love the progress on the sampler, and the shawl is so exquisite!

Claire said...

They both look great.x

Giovanna said...

A lovely shawl for your SIL, and the sampler is just beautiful. I hope it gets warmer for you.

Pauline said...

Lovely spring embroidery, beautiful gift! Great week!

Carolyn NC said...

Yay spring! Lovely work!