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March 06, 2011


This afternoon it was sunny with a rather cold wind. But ... I could sit on the balcony, face up to the sun and do some stitching (then looking down of course LOL). The first time this year and first things always have something special ;)

This week I have been busy stitching on Holland Springtime. The lower onion is decorated with flowers now, all I have to do is add some clouds. I think I'll do that this evening.

Another flower has grown in Flower Garden. It is number six.

Besides sitting in the sun I have been preparing part of Miss Kelly, the centerpiece for My Tweets. It's a rather big one, 32 inch square.


Christine said...

Great stitching and sewing

Giovanna said...

The Holland mandala looks great!

jacqueline said...

ff bijlezen bij je! wat maak je toch mooie dingen! was leuk in zwolle he! groetjes en een dikke knuffel!