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March 27, 2011

Again: Holland Springtime and a flower

Do you know the feeling to be close to someone you never met? I do. I have a friend, I can call her my dearest friend. We share not only our hobby, but also our feelings. And although we never met, I feel as close to her as I do to my sister.
As she is going through a difficult time I want to give her some signs of spring. DD made these pictures exclusively for her. But all of you: enjoy these signs of life, after a hard winter.

As for stitching: Holland Springtime is here again. I added a tile this weekend. My goal is (was?) to finish it in May but I am not convinced I am going to make it. June is okay too, don't you think?

And a flower to add to Flower Garden. Makes a total of seven flowers.

And for fun: some pictures of my local quiltshop Cordi (with permission of the owner). It's a party to enter that shop, all vibrant colours, it always makes me happy.


Berly said...

Wow, Holland Springtime is sooo pretty!

Chrissie said...

Zo Joke,
Wat ben je al ver met de Holland Springtime.
Maakt toch niet uit, Mei of Juni, je gaat als een speer en het ziet er fantastisch uit.
Heerlijk al die gekleurde lapjes, zou je willen dat dat je persoonlijke bezit was zeg.
Liefs Chrissie

Yvon (jioya) said...

Het ziet er leuk uit en hoewel ik nog niet bezig ben met quilten kan ik zo'n winkel nooit uitkomen zonder er wat te kopen.
Je Holland Springtime ziet er prachtig uit.

Groetjes Yvon.

Christine said...

Your Holland Springtime is looking stunning! Great quilt block too, and I loved seeing the pictures of your quilt shop.

Giovanna said...

I'll never see enough of your Holland Mandala: so beautiful!

Sarah said...

Beautiful Joke, your quilt is just so pretty I love the colours. All those lovely fabrics in the shop, I would be so tempted.

Mylene said...

Holland Springtime is looking beautiful! and great job on the quilt blocks.

Ellen said...

Holland Springtime is gorgeous!


Home Designs by Amanda said...

Love the fabric shop pictures!