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March 21, 2011

Small finish and new pictures of wellknown projects

This week has been a busy week (workrelated) so there were some evenings I just could sit and do nothing. Yet Holland Springtime has some progress again. I added the clouds in the lower onion and the corner at the right, just beneath the tulip.

Yesterday I had a small finish, another LHN Ornament. I didn't fill in the year at the bottom, because it's saying 2010. I am using this for a quilt and it might be 2012 before it's finish. Or even 2013 .... so I thought I'd better leave it open, to minimize the pressure LOL

DD took some new pictures of My Tweets and Red Delicious. She has a brand new camera and she makes great pictures with it. The colors are more like in real life, so here they come! Red Delicious quilting, only one block and the borders to go before it's finished.

Center piece of My Tweets, I'm not finished stitching yet, but there is progress!


Babs in Alabama said...

tell your dd she did a wonderful job with the new camera. The colors are breathtaking! and that little ornie is one of my favorite :)
happy dance for you,

Christine said...

Beautiful stitching and quilting!

Blu said...

Lovely stitching! And your quilts look stunning as usual.

Quiltsmiles said...

Love the red delicious! Your colorway is phenominal! Jane