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September 05, 2008

I got a *Piece of Art*

This friday afternoon I came home from work. Tired, as it was a busy day. And there it was in the mail, a small Santa Exchange, coming from Anna. She warned me already, to look forward to a small one, but I never expected it to be this small! And I was speechless (happens to me very few) looking at it. It is so small, stitched over one, a beautiful design.

It is a Scandinavian Santa, and around she added small red beads. On top of it a lovely ring of beads also, with a bicone (is this the right expression) red one in the middle. I think I have never seen such a gorgeous Santa! Oh, forgot to tell: there's a small blue bird (a pigeon I suppose) on his hand and two reindeers on his robe. I couldn't stop taking pictures LOL


Meowstitcher said...

That is the greatest little piece of art I have seen in a long time! What a great gift! Enjoy. huggles, Marta

Debra said...

Joke, oh that is so cute.
Debra in Indiana

Meari said...

What a neat little ornament :)

anna said...

I'm delighted to hear how much you like it, it was pure fun to make it for you, Joke!

Irene said...

WOW The Santa may be little but he is absolutely wonderful !

Carol said...

The teeny tiny Santa from Anna is adorable!