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September 21, 2008

Bourse Class and exchanges

Last week I have been able to finish my Autumn exchange for the Crazy Exchange Group. It is scheduled to sent on Oct. 1st, so I am quite satisfied with the time I needed. Besides that, I am proud of myself, and oh my, I wanted to be able to show some pictures of it, because I love the way I did this LOL. I am sure Im going to do another one for ME too!
I've been stitching on my bourse class project too. At least I can show a picture, although it isn't that good. I took the picture outside, but the fabric (a light purple) seems to absorb the colour of the even lighter purple thread I was stitching with. In real life, you can see the colours quite clearly. Here is the result until now.

The design is from My Aunt's Attic, and in every corner is a flower. I planned the stem and leaves of the flower to be licht green, and the bud a dark, almost blue-ish, green. I use threads of Needlepaint, and I'm quite satisfied with how it looks so far.


Meari said...

Pretty design!

Robyn in Oz said...

Nice design, pretty colours! I've used 'My aunt's attic' designs for biscornus - there's so many to choose from & all look good stitched up.

Janaina said...

I completely agree with Robyn in Oz: so many terrific designs at that place! =)
I am also so curious on the Autumn Exch. piece you made. I bet it's lovely!