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September 07, 2008

Frogging :(

Stupid woman I am, not reading the instructions, before beginning to stitch .... I'm stitching something special for an exchange, and I use Gloriana, as indicated in the chart. Also indicated is to use one strand, but used as I am to using two strands, I just started last week that way.

Today I was up to the special stitches, and started to read the instructions, and there it was: "always use one strand of floss". For a moment I thought 'what the heck' but then I decided to give it a try. Guess what? It turns out far more beautiful with one strand ....
Okay, stupid, I know, and I hear a little voice in my head, tlking to herpupils at school and saying something like "Reading is the most important part of your study, you always do the reading first, and than the action". Aarrgh!

Outside it is kind of dark, so perfect weather to get some finishes done. I'll get my sewing machine ready to finish something for the PS Exchange on the HoE and catch up to you soon.


icelandmom said...

So sorry to had to frog what you had already done. I am sure from now on you will always read first. Hope today will be a great stitching day.

Carol said...

Ah, I know what you mean! You are doing a Chatelaine mystery right now, right? Martina loves to use two strands of silk, while virtually every other designer uses only one... I have been caught right where you are too when I have been doing her mysteries ;-) No, you are not stupid! LOL

Joke said...

That's quite a relief, Carol LOL
I never used Gloriana before, except in the Mystery :)

Gillie said...

Isn't it so infuriating, when you know you have only yourself to blame? !!

Debra said...

Joke, I have done the same thing. LOL! Can't wait to see it.
Debra in Indiana

Meari said...

We all have those moments, so don't feel bad. :)