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March 23, 2014

Great weekend!

Maybe you noticed I skipped posting a blogpost this week. I have been so busy, just couldn't find the time. And after being busy I just was exhausted!
Last weekend I was invited to join in a knitting and crochet event, called Breidag en Haakdag. I went there Friday in the afternoon and it lasted until the next Sunday afternoon. It was such fun!
I was asked to translate a workshop given by Tori Seierstad. She does great stranded knitting. Lucky me she speaks English, so the translation wasn't that needed, because most of the students spoke English very well.
Friday evening she gave the first workshop, knitting a lovely mitten. I am always a little behind when it is about following the teacher, so mine is about to come next winter LOL.
Saturday and Sunday I have been a GP for those who were lost in their knitting pattern. I turned out to be a very good psychologist ;)
After doing my 'duty' I had some time off to visit the fair. Of course I bought some wonderful yarn and now I am dreaming about what to knit....
Later that week when I was  recovered from everything I took my stitching. My Randje per Week was behind. Normally I stitch the borders at Sunday morning, so I was a week behind. I am on schedule again ;)
The afternoon I used to sew. I am making some more projectbags. Here is a preview.


Nana's Quilts said...

Oh you busy girl! It looks like you had a fabulous time (along with 2 or 3 other folks) :-> I do love your round a week project - that Simone - she is so talented. I was showing off my green shawl again today - I love to do that! How is K doing at school? Suggest that she send me an email sometime.

Pauline said...

Volgens mij zit jij nog steeds op een wolk van heerlijkheid, blijf er nog maar even zitten, je zit er goed.
Succes met je project bag, hij wordt leuk, originele stofjes!