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March 30, 2014

Another busy week

Just recovered from having a busy weekend I had a busy week. Work kept me busy, also during the weekend (for several hours, not days!). But there was also time for stitching and knitting.
I met new people to work with and some new challenges are keeping me going!
Something I sewed is this little project purse. I love sewing these things and I have several to keep my knitting projects. All I need is in there, so when I leave home the only thing I need to grab is a projectpurse. Quite handy!
Some other things from last week: the weather is beautiful. Spring is really here, so I decided to clean the terrace and put out the garden furniture.
Nice thing is I have a table that is big enough to hold the yarn umbrella and woolwinder, so I could go outside and make a skein into a cake. The plant in my garden has exactly the same colours! The wool is meant for a testknit, coming up next week.
As for knitting, I have one sock finished. the other one is scheduled for the next weeks. Meet Hurdle.


Cindy's Stitching said...

The purse is just beautiful. How talented your are. How nice you have a great outdoor area. I like the colors of the years. Your socks are so pretty.

Nana's Quilts said...

the socks are fabulous! How fun is that? And I am curious to know what your "test" project is. Hmmm. We did have some sunshine today (at long, long last) but not sure it will continue. I'm doing some hand stitching - I will have to put a photo on my blog. It is so terrific - you are way over there, but I can follow (a bit) what you are doing. That makes me happy!

Pauline said...

Je bent maar een druk baasje, Joke, op je werk allemaal nieuwe ontwikkelingen en op het thuisfront is het ook al allemaal nieuwe actie, een handig project tasje in een verrukkelijke kleur, schitterend garen om te caken en daarna te verwerken en die sok is ook al zo'n leukerd!