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February 05, 2012

It's still winter

Like this blogtitle says, it's still winter here and yet my cowl and shawl aren't finished. Oh well, there will be plenty of winters after this one LOL
I have been mainly stitching on VHRH.

I want to finish this one this year and with six blocks to go that means I have to do at least one block in two months. That doesn't seem too much, but with other activities as work, quilting, knitting, it means that I have to hold on to this schedule.
Block seven is coming to an end. I hope I can show the finish next week.

There's only one obstacle, I am going to follow classes from Ted Storm. Three days of fun with friends, paying attention, doing applique (homework included!) and learning all the ins and outs of applique needlework! I will be staying at a dear friend's these days, leaving DH and the children to their own ;)
I am starting off with these FQ's. At the end of the week I'll show the result of three days with Ted ;)

As for my capelet, the crocheting part is done, so I am knitting .... and knitting ... and knitting.

I also try to add at least one square to Expectation and until now I succeed. I don't take it with me these days, so no progress next week, I suppose! To be able to take this picture I had to lay it down in a bow. In fact it is twice as long.


Gingini said...

Het wordt leuk!!! Wat zullen we een lol hebben! :)
Geen breiwerk of borduurwerk meenemen hoor! Tot morgen!

Giovanna said...

The red capelet is really pretty! And you can make it with the Village :-)

Joyce Clark Frank said...

All of your WIPs look great. good job.

Christine said...

Hawk Run Hollow is looking marvellous. Great knitting too, the capelet is fabulous

Pauline said...

Je borduurwerk groeit gestaag, maar misschien had je nu meer gehad aan een warme muts en sjaal.... ach de winter is nog lang, dus het zal wel goed komen met je breiwerken.
Heel veel leerzaam plezier met de masterclass van Ted!
Groetjes, Pauline

Debby said...

Wat leuk, ik ben ook met dit blokje bezig van RHR. Alleen ben ik bij blok 12 begonnen:-)

Groetjes Debby

Vickie said...

Stitching looks wonderful! Love the knitting!!