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February 19, 2012

Applique and knitting

As expected, I stayed tuned on applique, after the masterclass. After sending pictures of my finished tulip to our teacher, she told me I could embroider a little bit around the lighter leaves to add some contrast with the background. So I dis this week and here it is (approved by Ted!).

I had the courage to go on with the next flower of Flower Garden by Kim Mclean. Quite different colors. I made a little mistake in trimming the background so all of a sudden there was a little hole in one of the leaves! No panic, as I learned in the masterclass, I could solve this problem quite easily ;)

Yesterday I visited the Handwerkbeurs at Zwolle, where I saw the perfect background for my nes applique project. Unfortunately there was't enough at the shop, so today I ordered it. Just wait until you see my new project! I did buy some other stuff (how could I not??)

And for my knitting, this project is coming along nicely, don't you think?


sylvia said...

wat hebben we veel geleerd, zelfs een gat weten we te dichten!!!
leuk geworden, hoor, net als je breiwerk!!!
groetjes, Sylvia
ps waarom schrijft iemand met zo'n hollandse naam in het engels haar blog?? Ben zomaar nieuwsgierig.......:)

Gingini said...

Prachtig gat heeft je tulpje! Hartstikke goed! Ja, ik hoor het Ted nog zeggen: Uithalen is géén optie!! :)
Het was een leuk uitje naar de handwerkbeurs en jouw buit is zeer geslaagd!
Je kraag schiet al mooi op! Ik moet nodig weer een stukkie verder breien!

Christine said...

Such lovely tulips! Great new stash and knitting too

Vickie said...

knitting looks great and so does the quilting!!