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November 06, 2011

Lazy Katy finished

Yes, frequent readers of my blog may have guessed that Lazy Katy is finished by now. As far as the knitting it was a nice project, the scarf looks good, but I am not satisfied with it. Lazy Katy is smaller, much smaller than I reckoned it to be.

According to the picture on the pattern it is rather long scarf, long enough to cover your shoulders. In fact it only covers my neck and I don't think my shoulders are that way out of shape... I figure it must be the yarn I used, so I'll knit another one, different yarn, different needles.


Christine said...

Oh what a shame! I think it's lovely, and the shape looks right so I think you are right and it must be the wool you used. Hope it works better on your next attempt

carol fun said...

tutIt is very pretty - did you wet block it? I find that with wet blocking & pinning I can really enlarge a knitted piece. I have this pattern too but haven't started one yet - so many shawls so little time!

Debra said...


Giovanna said...

What a shame, because it's really beautiful! I hope you can use it somehow, maybe blocking will help as Carol suggests.