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November 13, 2011

Fashion item ;)

Wow, a week passes by quickly! First of all I want to say thank you for your comments! Two of you asked if I blocked Lazy Katy, that way it becomes larger. Well, I did! I blocked it well, so that isn't the problem. I think it's the yarn I used. So I'm starting all over in a while.

But before that I have some other items to knit. Last week DD and I went shopping and she wanted a little slouch hat. When we noticed the price (€ 10) I told her I could knit one for her and I gave her the link to Ravelry.

She told me she wants several things: hats, shawls, mittens. So we went to the market last Tuesday and bought some yarn. And yesterday I finished it, so she has this little black slouch hat. After this one, she wants a coloured one, and a grey one and .... when I asked her how much she wants me to knit the answer was: I'm going to collect them ...

When we had dinner yesterday evening we (her parents) asked her to put off her hat. She kindly refused, telling us : "this isn't a hat, this is a fashion item" LOL

This afternoon we went to Holy Stitch, in Leeuwarden. It is a craftymarket, located in an old prison.

While we were having a good time, DD was asked if she could tell where she bought the cute little hat she was wearing. And before I knew it I had my first order: knitting a slouch hat for a little girl that likes it so much!

Of course I did some stitching too this week, but sorry, no pictures of that. And I did some working, no pictures of that either LOL.


Christine said...

Sounds like my DDs, they give me lists as long as my arm of things they'd like making

Chrissie said...

Hey Joke,
Ongelooflijk, wat staat dat accessoire haar perfect.
Je hebt echt een super talent ontdekt meid.
En dan ook nog je eerste order meteen.
Kun je misschien een internetwinkeltje openen, helemaal te gek leuk.
Ik wou dat ik zo een handige moeder had, uhhhh nee zo een knappe dochter!!!
Liefs Chrissie

Gingini said...

Leuk, moeder en dochter in de gevangenis! Wil ik ook nog eens heen! :))

Debby said...

Joke, I love the hat you knit for your daughter! And now you have your own "business"!!! How neat that they found a use for that old prison, but it looks kind of creepy! I'd love to visit and see it someday though.