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November 27, 2011

House nr. 4 and knitting

Me and my family had some emotional times this week (sometimes life is unfair) and the best way for me is to stitch. It's quite relaxing and it helps to get my mind clear.
So I stitched on house number four and as a result the house is finished. Of course there is some more stitching to do to fill the block, but in a way I always feel satisfied if the house is done!

Do you remember DD and I visited prison? Well, the slouch hat I promised to knit for a little girl is finished and on the mail.

Yesterday a friend and I visited the 'Handwerk-en Quiltdagen' at Arnhem. We had a great time together, looking, feeling and discussing the fabrics and woollies. We returned home with some more stash in our bag...

Today I was busy preparing block 11 of My Tweets. I thought you might like an overview. I only show block 11 when finished. Only two blocks to go ...


Judith said...

mooi borduurwerk,
fijn dat het borduren je kan ontspannen,
groetjes Judith

Tania said...

Ja, borduren helpt je tot rust te komen, dat is heel erg herkenbaar. Ik hoop dat alles snel op orde mag komen. Je huis ziet er in ieder geval heel mooi uit.

Christine said...

Great work on your house. The multi coloured wool you bought is beautiful

Giovanna said...

Great going on the house, and what a lovely hat you made!