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May 09, 2010

A trip to Brussels

From last Thursday until yesterday DH and I went on a trip. Usually we go on holidays the four of us, but this time DS and DD didn't want to join us. DS is doing his finals next weeks so he wanted some extra studytime and DD wanted some time to clean her room LOL. So after giving them lots of good advice DH and I said goodbye to our children and left Thursday morning for Geldrop, near Eindhoven. On our way we made a stop to visit two quiltshops and I bought some lovely fabrics.

DH is waiting patiently until I was done. 'Take your time', he said, being a wonderful husband :)

At the end of the afternoon we reached our hotel and after checking in we went for a walk to the centre of Geldrop. There we had dinner at a Chinese restaurant. After that we took a good rest at the hotel. Do you recognize HOHRH on the bed?

Next morning we headed for Brussels and after checking in at the hotel, we had a long a walk

to the building we could see from our hotelroom, the National Basilica of the Sacred Heart

and from there we went to the centre to visit the Grand Place.

We had dinner and after a walk through the centre, where we enjoyed several beautiful buildings, like this

we went back to our hotel, where we had this view from our hotelroom. Just above the lower buildings you can see the Atomium.

I sat down to rest and of course my hands were busy, finishing block 7 and 8 of Red Delicious.

Next morning, after a good rest, we had a walk to the centre again. We had a cup of coffee, went to visit Manneken Pis

After that we went by car to visit the Chinese Pavilion and the Japanese Pagoda. Both are situated at the Royal Residence at Laken.

For those of you who know about my passion for Chinese art and history it can't be hard to imagine I had a wonderful time there. More pictures are here. At three p.m. we got back to the car again and drove back home, arriving there at eight p.m. DS and DD took good care of each other (and of our home) very well and they even left some pancakes for us!


Ingrid said...

You made very nice pictures Joke, it was apparently a very successful trip!

Mylene said...

Looks like you had a great time and thanks for sharing all the pictures.

Brigitte said...

Wonderful and interesting pictures from an obviously great trip. Thanks for sharing.