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November 13, 2016


This month I have been stitching on Call of the Raven. It's a HAED, known as BIG! And big it is, I think it took me almost ten years to come this far. Okay, I didn't stitch all the time. I have a job, I have been knitting a lot and I have done some spinning and quilting.
Once and a while I like to read also, so I have a lot of time consuming hobbys. Oh, and I raised three children in the meantime!

Last month Call of the Raven looked like this.
Now I've added a lot of stitches on the bottom charts.
I have to confess I have done some knitting too. I meant to join the Building Blocks KAL from Stephen West. At first I didn't find the time to start and after that I wasn't satisfied with my choice of colours. Finally I started two weeks ago and here is the first picture.

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Nana's Quilts said...

Even if it doesn't feel like great progress - it seems that you are working your way along with many projects (not to mention work, home, family, etc) So I think you are doing a lot of fun and interesting things. I am mostly working on finishing some Christmas gifts for my family. I think Christmas will be fairly quiet - particularly because the bigger grandchildren have already had early Christmas - so not many gifts to buy. But we will also spend some time with the little girls (5 and 3) so that will be its usual crazy holiday time. We are having rain and rain and rain. It is rather depressing. I am ready for some sunshine. Hope you are all well and enjoying the holiday time. Happy Sinterklaus!