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October 02, 2016

Officially Autumn

Summer was already over, but temperatures stayed summerish. Until yesterday I could sit outside on my terrace and knit. But as we all know it 's just a matter of time until we need warmer jackets and sweaters so I decided some time ago to start knitting a cardigan, Indigopie, designed by Mari Chiba and published in Knitty, Deep Fall 2016.

I hope I am ending up with a lovely cardigan, but I'm not sure yet. As I don't like bulky yarn because it simply is too warm for me to wear, I chose a sport weight instead of a bulky yarn. And that means a different gauge and lots of calculations. Until now it looks okay to me.
The sunny weather allows me to wear my knitted sweater, Westbourne, a design by Isabell Kraemer. I knitted this from a laceweight yarn, so it's wearable in spring and autumn. 
Some weeks ago we were in Paris. And of course I visited a local yarn shop. Lil'Weasel. It is siruated in a lovely passage, worth visiting!
I bought some beautiful yarn and rosewood needles. And after a day of walking, DH cooled my burning feet with water from the fountain. How sweet is that!

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Pull the other thread said...

Hope you had a nice time in Paris. Your cardigan is looking lovely, the blues are so pretty.