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August 29, 2016

End of summer

At the beginning of the summer vacation (which in my case is six weeks) I had the feeling it would be an endless period of relaxing. And before I knew it, this endless period reached its end. Today I went back to work.
Looking back at my summer vacation I did quite a lot of things. Almost all of them related to knitting, spinning and stitching.
And there was a trip to Denmark. One week at Copenhagen and a week in a cabin in the woods, so to name it. As usual I'll post some pictures of Denmark at the end of this post. For those who are not interested, they can skip them easily.

As usual, I had several projects on my hands. First there is Maybachufer. I reached the final stripes, picture next time. I am knitting a second Westbourne on smaller needles this time. I hope it turns out a bit less open. The second picture is me, in a half done sweater ;-)
There was plenty of time for spinning. I even took my spinning wheel with me to denmark. We went by car, so I could take it and, like I imagined during the weeks before our vacation, I could sit down in the garden and spin.
Je vole (Pattern (The flight of the Owl) is finished! It turned out to be a big shawl. The yarn is doing great on this shawl, It's a mix of 50% alpaca, 25% linen and 25% silk. I love it!
And, as promised, some pictures of Denmark, Copenhagen. It's a random selection of nature, and some views of Copenhagen, the Louisiana Museum, the Black Box (Royal Library),  the Opera, Tivoli Gadens at night.

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Nana's Quilts said...

It sounds like you packed in many adventures this summer holiday. I loved Copenhagen - perhaps we can visit one day. Happy autumn.