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April 04, 2016

Penguin in spring

Finally it looks like spring arrived in The Netherlands. I almost hear you ask: where is that penguin in your blog title coming from?
Well, I am knitting like crazy on my shawl Penguin Rock'n'Roll. I am determined to have it finished in a little more than two weeks.
Anna Maltz aka Sweaterspotter ( the designer of the shawl) is coming to the Nederlandse Breidagen and I am going to do a workshop. Would be nice to bring my shawl, wouldn't it? I found a matching jacket to wear.
Apart from knitting I did some spinning. A rubyred, (colour name blackberry) yarn is the result. 76 grams, 274 meters. I want to combine it with some old rose yarn when I finished spinning that.


Nana's Quilts said...

I like it!

Jeanne said...

It's looking very pretty - love the Penguin name. I was just reading an article the other day that some penguins are in danger of extinction - hope not as I love them! Glad you are keeping up with your blog, we have lost too many stitching bloggers!