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March 20, 2016

Before you know ....

Before you know vacation is over and you are in the middle of all kind of activities again. Our spring break is over since long, so it seems to me, but I owe you some pictures.

We went to Germany for a few days, hoping to get a little bit of early sunbeams. In this time of year we long for them more than ever, so maybe it would be wise to travel to a warm island, but unfortunately that would be too expensive.

Instead of a sunny island we went to Monschau, a lovely village in the Eifel, Germany. And instead of sun, we got snow! And you should know, I hate snow! Not fot the look of it, when trees and roofs are covered, but because of the cold.

But this time, relaxing in a good hotel, not being stressed about the thought how to go to work (by bike? by bus?) I really enjoyed the view of it. We had winter! A real winter for three whole days!Pictures at the end of this blogpost!

I got plenty of time to knit too, so the perfect vacation for me. One of the things I never did before, is knitting gloves. So I casted on a glove, to have something to knit on a car ride. the first is done, second one is on the needles. I took a pattern, left the cables out and added another cable pattern when I realized it would turn out too large without cables.
The Penguin Kal is growing bit by bit. I have to confess, greys are not my favourite colours to knit and until now I find the pattern quite simple. Most of the time only knit. The nice part though, is the angles, in which you knit another colour, doing short rows. The best part is yet to come and I know the outcome will be nice. Here is Penguin Rock'n'Roll.
And last but not least I have some progress on the KAL Urquhart Castle. Imagine casting on 960 stitches for a large square shawl. And then knit in lace pattern. Clue 1 and 2 done!
As promised some lovely snow pictures and, coming home after our vacation, our little tree in a pot,  showing some green leaves!


Cindy's Stitching said...

Love the pieces you are working on. the snow piTunes are pretty.

Cindy's Stitching said...

picures. love when it auto corrects wrong.

Corina said...

wow, echt nog even winter ja! Mooi hoor! En je bent weer met mooie projecten bezig.