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January 30, 2016

Some luxury

This year started very well, professionally spoken. I followed a masterclass and also visited an international European conferention about literacy.
I had the chance to sleep in the most famous hotel of The Netherlands, Hotel Krasnapolsky on the Dam in Amsterdam. Right in front of the Royal Palace! I felt like a VIP, having breakfast at the 'Wintertuin'.

You might think I didn't have time to knit, but I did! In fact I have a few finishes to show. First I did a testknit, Quantum Leap Cowl by Heather Anderson. Pattern is on Ravelry.
Second I finished my shawl Something Inside So Strong. Pattern is Fortresse by Monique Boonstra, named after the shield of Zwartsluis. It was a pleasure to knit. I have a very unique one, because I bought the printed pattern some years ago on a fair. And after that there was given an errat, but I never noticed that. So when I started to knit, I just pulled out my yarn and pattern and started. And, given the pattern, I read the charts from left to right. I wondered, because most of the time you read it from right to left. And that is exactly what the errata is about ....
And in between a friens asked me to knit some Zazies for her. She supplied the yarn and I knitted. I started last Thursday and finished them this morning. And already send them to her. I really am quite happy with what I accomplished this month!


Blu said...

Your knitting is so gorgeous! I'm especially blown away by Fortresse. It looks so delicate and dreamlike.

Nana's Quilts said...

Zazies? Are they fingerless mittens? Very cute. I do like the. Yarn and the pattern. You are so clever. Your shawl is gorgeous. And the cowl looks perfect for a cool, windy day - keep your neck nice and warm. We are getting a very few hints that spring might come, one day. We even had sunshine for about 1 hour yesterday, but also lots and lots of rain. Keep up your good work. The hotel looks very VIP. maybe we can have tea one day when we are back.

Cindy's Stitching said...

All of them are just beautiful. you do amazing work.

Corina said...

chique hoor, ik zeg maar 'u' als ik je weer tegenkom geloof ik... ;-) Mooie breisels heb je weer gemaakt, ik vind het zo knap zo snel als jij dat doet!

Pauline said...

Olala, wat een verwennerij, prachtige shawls en heerlijke wantjes, januari is goed besteed!