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August 17, 2014

Summer is over, finished projects!

Tomorrow I start working again, summer vacation is over. The weather is adjusting to me, it seems. This week we had lots of rain and much less sun than we used to have since my vacation started. Oh well, that makes saying goodbye to lazy days a little easier ;)
I was able to realize a lot of plans this summer. My first NY quilt is finished! And so are a pair of socks and two shawls.
We also went away for a trip to Germany, I'll show some pictures at the end of this blogpost.
But first pictures of the finished quilt. This one is for youngest DD.
NY quilt number two had to wait a little bit, I think I'll pay attention to my bedquilt first.

Some socks and shawls were finished. Here are my blue socks. They caused some trouble, but I won!

And here is Anybody Out There? It was a fun knit, lots of nupps and lace knitting. A bit of a challenge, but not a too big challenge.

Today I finished My Pride and Joy. The original pattern is named Miss Elliot, by Paulina Popiolek. I love to knit a border like this and I started it on the first day of our trip to Rossbach, Germany.

So far my knitting and sewing. Our trip to Germany was lovely! We had sun, sun, sun and time to relax. The house we stayed in is a dream!
Here are some pictures. We went to some small towns in the neighborhood (Freudenberg, Abtei Marienstadt) and to some bigger cities (Koblenz, Köln and Bonn). 


Nana's Quilts said...

You have certainly had a memorable summer. And the blue socks are very cute. Your shawls are just spectacular - of course! Very soon now we will learn what the weather gods have in store for us. I am hoping that they haven't totally put sunshine away - at least not yet. A couple more weeks, please. See you soon [with printer paper]

Deb said...

What an original, and unique quilt! Beautiful!
Your knitting is gorgeous! Soooo pretty!
Great socks!
You trip looked fabulous!

Pauline said...

Wat heb je een mooie dingen gemaakt, allereerst van harte gefeliciteerd met het afronden van je eerste NY quilt, hij is enig geworden, heel origineel en draagt bij aan een verrukkelijke herinnering.
Je sokken zijn prachtig blauw, heerlijk voor een paar mooie warme voeten.
En dan je shawls, pure luxe!
Fijn dat je zo genoten hebt in je vakantie, bedankt dat we even mee mogen genieten.