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June 09, 2013

Writer's block

Even if you're only writing a blogpost, you can stumble upon a writer's block, that is, I think that's what happened to me this morning.
I wanted to show several things and write a little message, but my mind is full of thoughts, so I couldn't find the words to start.
And as I sat down to tell you, I am finding myself back writing a blogpost LOL.

First of all this is a post of happy events! DH is celebrating his birthday today and I realize how happy I am to be his wife. So this morning started with decorating the room (while he still was asleep).

Second happy event is the good news I received about my friend. She is the special person to which I dedicated the flower on my blog. I now know she doesn't need it anymore, life turned out to be good again. So today I remove the flower, but not the thoughts I send to her on a daily basis.

Now on to needle work! I did some stitching on the Plantation Sampler, building a home. It's kind of symbolic to me, stitching houses. They make me feel safe and while stitching I often realize how good it is to have a home, a place to live, to celebrate family life and to rest from all kinds of social obligations.
There is a new project on the knitting needles, named Thistle o'Scotland. You can find it on Ravelry.
Clue two of the KAL Galileo is finished. Tomorrow clue three will come up, so I am just in time.
I almost forgot to tell you a third happy event! Only two weeks and DD and I will start her big adventure in the US, starting with our week in NY. I am happy for her, refusing to think about how much I will miss her!


Corina said...

gefeliciteerd met je man! Fijne dag gewenst jullie. Je borduurwerk is prachtig en dat Thistle begin ziet er geweldig uit. Ik verheug me vast op de volgende update.

Melissa said...

It's nice when lots of happy events happen close together!

Love your progress on the Plantation Sampler.

Karin said...

Gefeliciteerd Joke! Ik hoop dat jullie een fijne dag hebben gehad.
Je trip naar NY komt nu wel héél dichtbij! Je updates zijn prachtig. Zowel je borduurwerk als je breiwerken. Ik verheug me ook op je volgende Thistle-update!

Giovanna said...

Many Happy Returns to your DH! Lovely stitching and knitting - what great progress on the sampler. And I'm glad for your friend.

Gingini said...

Wat een mooie update! Stuk voor stuk de moeite waard! Natuurlijk ben ik op slag verliefd op jouw Thistletje, maar je sokken... super!

Nana's Quilts said...

Oh so many things going on. Happy Birthday to Piet - sorry this is late. Stitching along is so peace-filled. Wonderful. And soon new adventures await you and Karin. Woo Hoo. Exciting.

Marie said...

Happy belated Birthday to your DH, I am sure you made it extra special.

It is always nice when life "is good". Glad so much in your life is making you happy/thankful. :D

Wow, your knitting is beautiful. I love to poke around on revelry, there is a really nice cowl scarf pattern I found there.

Plantation Sampler looks beautiful. I need to google that to see the entire piece!