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May 20, 2013

Cold feet

How lucky we were, having such wonderful weather in Berlin! Now it is cold again, the sun is hidden behind grey clouds. All I can think of is knitting shawls and warm socks. So, that is what I do. Luckily I love to knit LOL.
Clue four of Three times a Lady is finished now, only one clue to go. I hope to have this shawl finished by the end of May.
Another pair of socks is on the needles. I'm involved in a Dutch group, where they run a KAL. Clue one is done, so all I can do is wait for clue 2. Clues are given every two weeks, so I have to be patient.
Sock number two of Strawberry Fields has rounded the heel.
And for those of you who are interested, summer arrived at our backyard :) 
And in our home too!


Vicky L said...

Your knitting is beautiful, and very lovely plants.

Giovanna said...

Gorgeous knitting! And so are the plants and flowers.

Pauline said...

Breien is nu helemaal geen gek idee, met die kou en nattigheid. Mooie shawl, mooie sokken!

Debby said...

You knit such wonderful things and I love the colors of yarns you use! Can't wait to see all of these completed.