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May 05, 2013

Back in town ;)

Last week DH and I went for a trip to Berlin. We have been there before (and before....and before...) but it's a city you never get tired of visiting. As you like seeing pictures, just go to the bottom of this post, I'll show you some. 

As the weather was great, we were outside all day and in the evening the feet were tired and the eyes had seen enough. so we spent most of the evening at our appartment, reading (DH and me)and knitting (only me).
So I have one finished sock, Strawberry Fields. Not very easy, there are hearts knitted in the leg, and as it is only the second pair I am knitting I am (again) proud of myself ;) It is one of a pair (LOL), so the other one is yet to be done.
I also finished clue one and two of the Anniversary Mystery Shawl of Renee Leverington, or, as I name it, Three Times a Lady.
And now some pictures of Berlin. Not many of the highlights of the city, because, as I told you, we have been there before, so we visited other things. As we are highly interested in history (and Berlin has a history of being divided in East-Berlin and West-Berlin for many years) there are quite some pictures that refer to its history from the 1920's to 1990's. But wherever you go, Berlin is wonderful!

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Deb said...

Beautiful vacation pic's! Lovely work!