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December 18, 2011

All trees are up ;)

Not only our Christmas Tree is up, all other trees in Block 5 are done! I am surprised I did it, it took only two weeks for this block and I had little stitching time this week.

No handmade ornaments in the tree. These are stored in my sewingroom, apart from the tree stuff and I simply hadn't the energy and spirit to gather them.

Not much going on this week, besides from work. Yesterday DH and I took a ride to a Woolmarket. While DH waited for me in the car (he doesn't like to come inside and loves to read a book while waitng, so no need to pity him LOL) I enjoyed the handwoven and handdyed woollies. Of course I took some of them home with me. The first is dyed by Dutch Wool Diva, the second by Monique

While DH drove the car, I simply sat beside him and enjoyed the ride, meanwhile sewing on block 11 of My Tweets. I hope to finish it this week.


neeftje said...

Wat een mooi bos is daar gegroeit!
Schitterende wol heb je daar, wauw die kleuren. Helemaal in stijl met je tweets!

Judith said...

prachtig borduurwerk

Chrissie said...

Gossie Joke, nu zie ik pas hoe netjes je festoneer steekjes wel niet zijn.
De bomen staan, in borduurwerk en woonkamer, dus laat de kerst maar komen.
Ik heb niet eens een boom, heb daar al jaren geen trek meer in.
Heb natuurlijk wel een guirlande die mooi versiert is, maar dat is echt alles.
Knuffies Chrissie

Christine said...

Your stitched trees and your Christmas tree are all beautiful, and your tweets are gorgeous. I love the colour of the wool you bought

Anne said...

Beautiful tree and that yarn is super yummy!!

leeni1176 said...

Joke...I have some light blue wool almost exactly like the one you picture here...It's lovely....Not sure what I'm going to make. Mine is lace weight, so maybe a shawl....