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June 06, 2010

Friendship exchange

Last week I told you I was involved in a Friendship exchange of the Crazy Exchange Group. Well, my exchange is with its new owner, Caroline, now. She told me she loves boxes, especially this one ;) the little thing on top of the box is a pincushion.

This week I have been busy stitching on HAED's Call of the Raven, but only if I finish the page I'm working on, I will get a picture of it, so be patient!

Yesterday we went to The Hague. DD and some of her friends wanted to go to Amsterdam, to visit a concert. As she is 'only' 16, we didn't allow her to visit the concert (that lasted until midnight) and come home (a two-and-a-half-hour trainride) after that. Imagine three girls in the big, mean world! So, being the greatest parents of the world, we decided to bring them by car and to pick them up after the concert.

That way they had a great day and so DH and I. We went for some quiltshops and after that we had a stroll on the beach, had dinner in an Italian restaurant at the beach (the weather was great so we could sit on the terrace!) and after that we drove to Amsterdam to pick up the girls.

Given the fact we had a long carride, I took the latest block of Red Delicious. I almost finished it! Again, a picture will come after finishing LOL


Debra said...

The box is amazing.

Anne Sans Tete said...

I love the friendship pattern! Who is the designer?

- Lisa N.