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January 26, 2010

Final finish!

Thanks you all for your kind birthday wishes on behalf of DD. I'm here to post a new blogpost earlier than my normal posting , but I just finished something I want to show you.
The stitching part was already done and shown, but now it's completed. I finished the stitching as a box top, and here it is. I painted the box, I used a template for the doves and added some ribbons. Inside the bow is the matching fabric and the 'needles' part is filled with fiberfill so I can use it as a pincushion I think it is gorgeous and I am soooo proud of myself LOL.


Irene said...

You have every right to be proud of yourself, that is one beautiful finish !

Mylene said...

You have finished it off perfectly! Congrats!!

Blu said...

Gorgeous finish! Love the pink and white.

stitchinfiend said...

It is beautiful and you did a fantastic job of finishing it off.

Margaret said...

Wow! I love it! Beautiful finishing!

Yvonne said...

The finish is really gorgeous and you should be proud of yourself.

Maureen said...

wow - no wonder you are proud of yourself,it is such a good finish!

Lindsay said...

IT looks fantastic, you should be proud of yorself

Giovanna said...

What a delightful box, well done!

Chrissie said...

Ha Joke,
Het doosje is heel erg mooi geworden, en bedankt voor je uitleg op het handwerkersgilde.
Ga je er nog meer maken, nu je er zoveel leuke reacties op hebt gekregen?
Knuffel Chrissie

Janaina said...

Its beautiful, Joke! Absolutely adorable! Well done, both on stitching and finishing!

Barbara said...

Your stitching & finishing are absolutely stunning, Joke! Kudos to you!!!
Barb in TX

lenna said...

Well done Joke! Your box is beautiful. I also love your Holland piece. I have part of one the of onion skins done. It looks like } a larger version of these.{}
I put mine up and also have the Desert Mandala to do. Someday.
Congratulations on your finish and your lovely stitching.
God Bless ~