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January 10, 2010

Frogging and a SAL

The New year started with some new starts, but I forgot to mention one : the Needle Mania No. 2 SAL on the Yahoogroup The Sampler Life. It's a quakerish design, a tribute to the founder of this group, who passed away last year. Sabine from the Hamburger Stickladen offered to design it and I think it's a beautiful design. Also it's fun to stitch. I'm stitching with handdyed floss from the Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe.

I have been stiching mostly this week on The Travelling Stitcher and yes Debra, I planned to have it stitched by now, but I have to do some frogging. I just found out I made a tiny mistake between two letters (three instead of two threads open) so the other letters didn't come out well. So I frog .... otherwise I think I'll keep seeing it for the rest of my life and don't take my stitching anywere LOL

About normal life, it has been snowing all day, or should I say: all week. My DH made some lovely pictures of our hometown, so for all of you who like to see them, here they come :)

The pride of our town: the Martinitoren (Martini tower)

The old Korenbeurs, the building where grain auctions took place.
On top of the building a statue of Neptune. Behind it the Aa-kerk.

One of the canals with in the back a storehouse, in former times
used to store grain and other goods.

The statue at the corner of this bridge is referring to the trading tradition
of Groningen. There are four of them, one on each corner of the bridge.

This is something most of the Dutch love to see. Children iceskating on the pond.


Gillie said...

Thanks for the trip around town! Next time Himself goes to the Netherlands, I go too! I know what you mean about be!ing off a thread

Margaret said...

Lovely WIPs -- and I love the pictures of your town too! I'm looking forward to seeing more of the tribute piece. What a special guy he was!

Giovanna said...

Beautiful WIPs, and thanks for sharing the snow pictures - how unfortunate that the conditions aren't right for an Elfstedentocht.

Kathy said...

Love the photos from town.

And both your wips are beautiful Traveling Stitcher is almost finished!

I hope the frogs stay away so you can get it finished. Tell them they better or throw them in the cold snow. LOL

Carolyn NC said...

Great pictures! Love the new NM as a tribute to Marc. And your stitching is beautiful!

FayeRaye said...

I love this Quaker pattern! And even better, you are using Victorian Motto threads..Arent they wonderful??? I love Nancy and she is always fills your thread order well and promptly! Love your blog, Faye

Michelle said...

Your stitching looks great :) hope the frogs stay away so you can finish :)

Pics from your town look lovely too :) xxx

Maureen said...

Thanks for sharing your pictures of your hometown. I love seeing where people live as it gives a sense of realism when reading blogs - if you know what i mean lol!

Nana's Quilts said...

How lovely. I am sure it is cold and it would feel wonderful to just sit indoors, but it is so pretty. We are having nothing but rain and rain and then more rain. It's a wonder we don't wash away. Happy New Year to all your dear ones.

Debra said...

nice stitching and the snow pictures are beautiful.