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March 16, 2009

Insane or addicted?

At first I want to thank you all for leaving such nice comments on my blog! Your compasson is meaning a lot to me, I feel surrounded by stitching friends :)

This week I took a look at my purchase history on HAED and I have been buying charts since april 2007. I have 26 orders done, and most of them are orders of two or three charts. That makes 49 charts, and I also bought two printed versions, so in total I own 51 charts (not to mention the non-HAED charts I have in my stash)!
How come I only finished one, and started two??? Yesterday I received a new chart, according to the new program on finishes, and at this moment I have added two beautiful designs added to my shopping cart. Am I insane or just addicted? Who can tell???
Well, I actually did stitch quite some bit this last week. I use to stitch from right to left, and on Vibrant Vista I started in the left corner. So this morning I decided to count, recount and re-recount and start in the right corner as well. I am going to work on both sides and hope both sides will meet somewhere in between LOL. Some stitchers tell me I am risking a lot, others think I must be confident and brave!
I think it will come along quite well, can't imagine this is like building a bridge from both sides and
NOT meet in the middle. So Yesterday I stitched on the right corner, and I managed to do almost 500 stitches.

In fact I am thinking of starting another QS HAED on the same piece of fabric. That way I can keep floss of both pieces in one box, and I can take two pieces in one, deciding on which I want to stitch the moment I feel like it. Summer is approaching, and we will be off to our 'summer residence' quite often. That way I always can bring variety in my stitching, without taking too much stuff. Also uploading pictures will be 'two-in-one', which must be really convenient LOL

Maybe I'll start next week, I just received QS Elfland sleeping Fairy, and I hardly can't wait stitching her!


Daffycat said...

No, no...if you were truly insane you'd have stitched them all by now, right?

Hey, collecting stash is half the fun of being a stitcher!

Janaina said...

Addicted. Definetly! But... oh, God... so do I! =D
You're just so brave. I wish I could be that brave and face the challenge of a HAED. I'm a chicken! As if it wasn't complex you stitch 1x1!!!! So jealous right now! =P

Gabi said...

Your stitching looks great. 49 HAED charts??? Wow, that will keep you off the streets for quite a while. LOL

Yvonne said...

Do you know some stitching friends are bad influence too? They enable you all the time and make you just want to stitch and stitch,lol!! That's what is happening to me :0))

This current wip is a very beautiful design and I love the progess of it.

Elfland Sleeping Fairy is a real beauty but I am restraining myself from buying that one as it looks really tough! However, I will content myself by looking at your wip for this fairy. Please start on her the moment you get her. Hoping to be enabled and get her too.


Maren said...

Put me down in the confident and brave pile. Actually, stitching from both ends to meet in the middle can be done without fear with the right fabric, but I'd be too scared to try it with some WIPs I've got. LOL, my sisters say I stitch like a typewriter, filling it out one line at a time! lol

Your HAED has some beautiful colors! I don't blame you for collecting so many patterns. You never know what you might be in the mood to stitch. Of course, if you suspect you might be a stash-a-holic, sadly there is no known 12-step program out there to turn to for help. You'll just have to settle for confiding in us, your wonderful, enabling, fellow bloggers. :)

Giovanna said...

Part of the fun of stitching is having a great stash to browse through, so no, definitely not insane! What pretty colours on your WIP.

Debra said...

I have to go with Crazy! Crazy for doing HAED designs and for having so many in your to-do pile, then to start in the opposite side. Oh I wish you all the luck! I know if I did something like that I would end up tossing it out.

Cindy F. said...

You're definetly not insane...or maybe we all!!
How many times have we all wanted to start on an opposite side of where we're already stitching?
You're a risk taker...and that's fun about you Joke! Your work is beautiful:) 51 HAED charts sounds like stitcher's heaven to me!
I tell Mr. Right, gotta get 'em while we can, cause one day they'll be oop and I'll be whining because I can't find it anymore!

Janaina said...

You've been Awarded!
Check my blog:

Fatema ( SL ) said...

Wow 51 charts.
Which HAED did you finish?
Good luck with your HAEDs...they are so addictive.

Vickie said...

OH NO!! I could never do that...that would just freak me out to start stitching on both the right and left sides!!! You are a brave girl!!

Brigitte said...

49 HAED charts, that's truely an addiction. But I can understand you so well. IsN't stah enhancement one of the biggest pleasures for a stitcher? It is for me, definitely, lol.