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October 01, 2008

Autumn Exchange from Edda :))

This afternoon I had a cup of tea in excellent company: my DD, DS, me and Edda. She sent me a wonderful package (from Iceland!!) and she wrote to me she invited me to join her in having a cup of tea with chocolate.
And so we did, only, stupid me, I forgot to take pictures of that! But we had a nice chat together, and found some rest after a busy school and working day. The chocolate tasted great, and the tea also :)

When I opened the package a lovely smell came out. I couldn't figure out what it was, but soon I found out it was the tea (how did Edda do it, she picked my favorite flavours). So, enjoying our afternoon-tea-and-chocolate, I admired Edda's skills. She made me a beautiful biscornu and scissorfob, and she added a pair of scissors to it, and a Zweigart booklet with Autumn patterns. Wow, when do we have the next autumn exchange??

Here are the pictures you all are longing for :)


icelandmom said...

I am so happy that the exchange arrived so quickly and I quite enjoyed our cup of tea and chocolate today. :-) And of course I am glad I managed to choose the right type of tea, those are my favorite too. LOL :-)

Janaina said...

did herself with this exchange! It´s the perfect parcel! =)
Congrats, Joke!

Irene said...

Nice exchange !

Deborah/LavenderRose said...

Isn't that a beautiful combination of colors. I love to see someone go off the norm and put colors together like that. Great gifts!