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June 26, 2016

Quite an update

Due to a weekend of lovely weather and a weekend in which I didn't want to go out, I have quite an update.
I stitched, I spun (both on my wheel and with my spindle), And I knitted on two different projects.
To start with my stitching. Last week I was stitching all evenings on one project, Call of the Raven. You haven't seen this for quite some time,Tthe latest update on this masterpiece was done on 2015, Februari 8(!).
This is how she looked by then.
Now she looks like this. At first sight you might not see the differende, but there are almost two full pages done!
I know, still a lot of work to be done, but hey, I also knit!

On my knitting projects I can also show some progress. There is Je Vole. I am now doing the transition rows, so after that I can knit the boreder. I'm knitting the large version.
Maybachufer is growing steady. It's a fun knit, quick and easy, so I can also knit when we are on the way.
And last but not least I spun a rainbow. The weather has been horrible. Lost of rain and stormy days. So a rainbow it has to be!
Apnning on my spindle is quite relaxing. I spun a rusty thread, lots of autumn colours.

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