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October 11, 2015

Indian Summer

We really enjoy an Indian summer in The Netherlands. At night temperature is almost at freezing point, but in the afternoon we can enjoy the warmth of the sun.

That made me want to finish the yellow shawl, Tejun 手順, as a reminder of sunny days when I wear it next winter. In fact I have two finishes. Exploration Station is also finished, but still needs to be blocked. Pictures of it next time, I promise!

I want to tell something about how I chose the name of this shawl. It was knitted from a Dutch Palette, Red Kimono, by Loret Karman. So I was looking for a name that refers to a kimono or to Japan. The name of the original design is Steps.  
To combine those two things, Japan and Steps, I came to the Japanese word tejun 手順 consists of two Kanji, te 手 meaning “play” and jun 順 meaning “order”. In common parlance it is used for the steps of a procedure, and in both general usage and go usage is usually used for a well defined sequence of steps.

Here are some pictures of Tejun 手順.


Nana's Quilts said...

A very fun shawl (meaning that it will be a cheerful scarf/shawl that will make you smile). (i didnt want you to think it was funny looking.). It is happy. I have been altering costumes for the little grandgirls for Halloween in a couple of weeks. We are coloring many jack o lanterns. Busy times!

Corina said...

mooie zonnige shawl, vooral die eerste foto vind ik leuk