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March 24, 2015

Spring arrived!

Every year I am happy when winter is over and spring arrives. This year we didn't have much snow and cold, but we did have dark days and I hate getting up when it is still dark. Since december last year I follow a course in Utrecht (once a week) and I have to travel there by train. At 06.00 a.m. I get up and I just hated it, being dark and cold. Yesterday it was't dark anymore and looking out of the window I saw the sun over the frozen fields.
In our garden our little tree is showing signs of spring too :)
I knitted not as much as I wanted, because I was away the whole weekend. But Idunn and And It Wasn't Even My Birthday are showing some progress. I didn't take a picture of the first one, but here is And It Wasn't ...
And I couldn't help myself starting a new project. Shadow. Here are the first needles. They look a bit messy, but it will be okay in the end.

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Anne Marieke said...

Nothing like spring today. Very chilly!

Your knitting looks lovely.