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January 10, 2015

Stormy weather

It's stormy weather in The Netherlands and it seems to me a storm is going all over the world these days. Looking at things that happen in Europe and elsewhere in the world makes me sad. I feel I can't do anything to make this world a better place except in my own little world.
In my own little world there is plenty of room for pretty things. One of the prety things I am working at is my bed quilt, Baltimore Bliss, And as it is January 10th I am showing an update. Every 10th of the month we show an update of our UFOs in a Dutch group,
Looking at the pattern you might see the quilting in the white block is following the pattern of the coloured block. This month I quilted the white block.
There was some knitting too. I am busy knitting a lace shawl that will be used as an example for the hand dyed lace yarn by the indie dyer on markets and fairs. Picture will be added tomorrow.

Update on Sunday 2015, januari 11th.
Old school knitting. No circular needle, because I found out my stockinett knitting is very irregular.
I started Silja Line on 2014, November 22nd. Only 20 rows before the end I found out I made a major mistake, so I started all over again. Now, Januari 11th, I am on the same point. No mistakes this time!


Karin said...

Prachtig Joke! Wat is het toch een geweldige quilt!

Marexstitch said...

So pretty Joke

mainelystitching said...

Oh wow, Joke, that is STUNNING!

Corina said...

Je quilt is prachtig, en mooi breiwerk onder handen.