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September 09, 2014

It's been a while ...

Almost two weeks since I posted! I have been knitting though, ans I have a finish again. In fact I have two finishes, but one of them I can't show, because it is going to be a gift to a friend.
I started and finished a lovely shawl again. Red Death Ball. Look and judge for yourself ;)
I also startes some new ones. A ruffled shawl, a bit of a no brainer and a shawl with cables and lace motifs. Picetures next week.
This week I have been quilting again on my bed quilt. And for this I also promise to show some pictures next week.
Nothing else for now. Take care!


Caroline said...

Hoi Joke, tot zondag. groet Caroline

Pauline said...

Wat een prachtige shawl, de kleur en het patroon zijn helemaal top! Take care, Joke!

Melissa said...

Beautiful! That red colour is just scrumptious!

I laugh when I read that you will be stitching something that's a "no brainer". I think for you maybe but won't be for me. I haven't be able to get my brain around knitting or crocheting yet. One day perhaps!