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April 13, 2014

Were did this week go?

It seems to me that weeks are passing by quicker than when I was young. Last week is gone already. Two more weeks and we are about to have two weeks vacation. Only seven working days, because Easter is coming up too!
I spent my free time knitting and stitching. My borders are up to date again,  I still love to do them on a quiet Sunday morning!
I also stitched on Call of the Raven, although not as much as I hoped for. I was away from home two days, including a night, workrelated. So no time and place to take Call of the Raven with me.
Remember the testknit I am doing? I had some time to knit. Travelling by train is perfect for knitting ladies and this was a real no brainer LOL
I am up to knit the border now, so from now on I have to pay attention. On the other hand, that is what I like most! There is a nice pattern of flowers in it, and beading too!


Corina said...

veel plezier met je mooie projecten!

Nana's Quilts said...

Oh your new knitting project is lovely. A terrific pattern, but also such pretty yarn. I do think that time goes faster as we get a bit older. Happy spring!