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April 14, 2013

A challenging finish

First I'd like to thank you for your nice comments. I love reading them and sometimes I answer them by mail. Last week Patti was drooling over my sock yarn and wanted to know what is was. Well Patti, as I couldn't answer you by mail, I will answer here and now ;) It is Opal Sweet & spicy, colorway Pflaume.

As for my challenging finish, I'll show you some pictures. Ebony and Ivory is finished, but I ran out of yarn during the bind-off. So I took some other black yarn, divided the thread in four plies and used one of it to bind off. No problem, but when I blocked my shawl I noticed I dropped a few stitches. That will be quite challenging to repair!
 Promise Me is coming along nicely. A few words added, a branch stitched and I finished the flower in it. I think I will be able to have a finish when we leave for the US!


Annie said...

Your shawl is lovely! As a fellow knitter I can appreciate the time and skill that went into it. It's a shame about the dropped stitches! I hope you can get it fixed up without too much trouble.

Jane in Wales said...

Oooh, wat een prachtige shawl! Zo fijn en teer.

Giovanna said...

What a beautiful shawl - I hope you will be able to fix the dropped stitches. Lovely stitching too.

Gingini said...

Hoe dan ook, je hebt weer een prachtshawl afgemaakt. Nou ja, bijna af. ;) Het borduren gaat haast vanzelf bij jou. :)

Pauline said...

Een uitdagend garen, maar je resultaat is prachtig! Dat borduurwerk is zo mooi, dat moet wel klaarkomen voor jullie op het vliegtuig stappen, even doorprikken dus!

Karin said...

Je sjaal is absoluut geweldig geworden, ondanks het vervelende garen! En het borduurtje wordt ook mooi. Jou kennende is dat wel op tijd af. :)