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December 02, 2012

Let it snow

It's not Christmas yet and I really don't like snow, but this is the first part of the new SAL I am doing. I am stitching on a handdyed Silkweaver Jobelan, Summer sky. The thread I use is Necessities overdyed floss, number 1352.
The SAL is going to be in 16 parts,every three weeks a part. I am a little behind, should have done two parts by now, but I have been extremely busy doing other things ;)
There was a trip to Delft and Utrecht, some partying and the preparations of a wellknown tradition in The Netherlands, Sinterklaas. That means buying gifts, making surprises and writing rhymes. All that means less stitching time.

Yet I have progress on Cirque des Carreaux.
And of course, Call of the Raven's monthly update. Anothere 1000 or so crossstitches added.
Also there is progress on my knitting as well. Clue 4 of Whispering Grass is ready. I hope to show the whole shawl next week. No picture yet, because it doesn't look like a shawl at all.  
There is however a picture of Red Wine. Another row of flowers is finished, 'only' four rows to go!


Corina said...

Prachtige werken heb je onder handen, goed van je dat Call of the Raven ook nog voortgang heeft.

Christine said...

Lovely work Joke.

Giovanna said...

Lovely progress on your WIPs! What beautiful colours in Red Wine.

Pauline said...

Go you! Je schiet lekker op met alle werkstukken.

Linda said...

Wow Joke. Everything looks great.


Patches said...

Looks great

Deb said...

Ravens is beautiful! Wonderful work.