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April 15, 2012

Three techniques

As many of you probably know I love different crafts. I like to do cross stitch, I like to quilt and to knit. I also do some crochet sometimes. 
This week I had a finish, as predicted last time. My Wingspan shawl is finished, and, even more, I really think I could wear this one. Some of my other shawls are nice to see, but at work not quite wearable.

This afternoon I enjoyed sewing on the first block of the Civil War Bride quilt. I posted about it before, now I have all the tiny part that you see sewn to the background. That takes time! But I enjoyed it, sitting in the sun at my balcony :)

 Most of my spare time this week I have been stitching on Call of the Raven. I'm in a Dutch group and we committed to do a thousand stitches each month. Last month I didn't make it, so I have to do two thousand cross stitches this month...


Christine said...

Beautiful work, I love the shawl

Gingini said...

Wat een pracht van een update laat je weer zien! Mooi, mooi en mooi!! :)

Linda said...

Wow. Love the shawl and colors. Your xs piece is stunning.


Giovanna said...

Lovely work on all fronts! The shawl is really stunning.

Karin said...

2000 steekjes deze maand! Wow. Maar hij (zij?) is het waard. Het is zo'n beauty.
Je bride blok wordt ook prachtig. Het gaat langzaam met die kleine steekjes, maar het resultaat is er dan ook wel naar!