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March 25, 2012

Spring is here!

Finally spring is here! Lots of sun this weekend and I enjoyed as much as possible. Last few weeks I enjoyed an extra day off work on Friday and in future I will too. Only four working days a week, quite a luxury!

Last Friday we went to Amsterdam, DD went to a concert and we, her parents, went with her. Not to the concert, it wasn't our kind of music, but to Amsterdam. We left at 13.30 and arrived there at 15.30. As the concert was until late at night, DH and I went walking through the city. We listened to some music at Rembrandtplein, went to a movie and met the girls again at 00.15 to drive home together.

Saturday was a sunny day too, so I cleaned our terrace, washed the windows and enjoyed reading a book in the sun. And I got a surprise, but about that later.

Some pictures now. First of all a flower grew, block 9 of Flower Garden. The pictures (front and back) are too light, the colours are brighter than this. The lines are for blocking the quilt block, look here for an explanation.

Here's an update on VHRH. I'm constructing a house again, but it isn't ready to live in yet.

And as I was travelling a lot these last weeks (I went on a train trip with DD too, a week ago) I had a lot of knitting time. So here's a little slouch hat again, it's now on its way to a girl that liked the picture of the one I already knitted for DD. This one is lilac, picture is also too light :(

To end this post I'll show the surprise I got Saturday morning. I just woke up, a bit late (due to our trip to Amsterdam the day before) and there the florist was at the door. At first I thought the bouquet was meant for my neighbours, but no, it was for me. But I'm not ill and it isn't my birthday, I said.
There was a card inside that said I had been working for the company for 12,5 years now! Isn't that nice, receiving flowers for that?


Otter said...

I have awarded you the Liebster Blog award. Love your work.


Christine said...

Your quilt block is beautiful, and I love the hat. Those flowers are amazing, how thoughtful of your employers

Giovanna said...

Lovely stitching/sewing/knitting - you've been busy!