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June 13, 2011

Tweets and Hearts

First, thank you all for your nice compliments! I really love reading them and they make me happy!

It has been two weeks since I finished Red Delicious. Every morning when I wake up its the first thing I see (I sleep with my back to DH LOL) and every morning I enjoy it. But time to move on, so some other things are catching my attention now: I finished block 5 of My Tweets and I prepared block 3, 4 and 5 of Hearts Desire. To give you an overview I made a collage (in fact Picasa did it for me).

My Tweets

and Hearts Desire

This week Call of the Raven has been my stitching project for the evening and I achieved quite some progress.

Of course I have been testing my new quilt hoop stand. It's a pleasure to work with it. The hoop is bigger and I don't have to hold the heavy quilt! I am quilting on Baltimore Bliss.


Gabi said...

Your quilting is absolutely awesome. I wish I would be able to quilt likt that.
Love Raven too. She's a beauty.

Chrissie said...

Poehé!!! Joke, wat een berg boel werk heb je verzet, en wat een kleurenpracht brengt iedere foto weer.
Prachtig, maar in het bijzonder je Tweets, meid wat een zaligheid om naar te kijken.
Knuffels Chrissie

Corina said...

Prachtig om zo die overzichtjes te zien! Wat een prachtige dingen maak je!

Christine said...

All your stitching and quilting is gorgeous, I love the colours and fabrics in Haert's Desire.

PS The word verification was "comment"!

mdgtjulie said...

Your quilt blocks look good and so does Call of the Raven. It's one of my fave charts. Keep up the good work!!

Vickie said...

Your quilting is just beautiful!