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May 16, 2011

Busy weekend and the benefit of blogs :)

You all know how I (as most people) value my weekends :) It's a time I need for me, my family and my stitching and quilting. This weekend I did hardly any quilting and stitching and yet I had a great weekend!

First of all, there was this motorcycle tour organized by colleagues. And I had the opportunity to join them! As it was my first time I didn't own any appropriate clothing, but lucky me, I could borrow the right suit and helmet. So off we went on Saturday for a tour of 150 km.

Second, I had a long birthday party on Sunday. Some visitors came in on Saturday evening, the whole bunch of friends visited us on Sunday. I have been spoiled with some great gifts, but there are only two of them I mention here.

A week ago DH and children asked what I wanted as a birthday present and I told them it was a quilt hoop stand. And they gave me permission to order ond LOL. It arrived some days before it was my birthday, do I had to control my curiosity.

Another gift was a very special one, as it came from eldest DD. She didn't know what to buy for me and she didn't want to ask because I would say I needed nothing and I like everything she comes up with.

So she visited my blog and scrolled through the blogposts and that's were she discovered the link to my favorite quiltshop. She took a picture of me with her to that quiltshop and showed it to the owner, telling her: this is my mother, do you know what kind of fabric she likes?
And yes, the owner does! So I was surprised by a perfect FQ and a gift certificate. Isn't that a great benefit of having a blog?

Now, at the end of this story I have to show another finished block of My Tweets. That's all I did this week.


Christine said...

Happy Birthday! Sounds like a fun weekend and your quilt block is lovely

mdgtjulie said...

Glad you had a good weekend and a happy birthday! Lovely quilt block. Love the colors

Rita said...

Happy birthday!

Enjoy your new hoop stand and fabric.

Lovely block!

Giovanna said...

Many Happy Returns for your birthday! What wonderful gifts from your family!