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September 19, 2010

Autumn and Spring

Autumn has come with lots of rain and wind last week. I have to admit I am a nice-weather-type. I love autumn. I love the sunny days, the colouring leaves and stormy weather, but only when it's not raining. The same with winter, I love it when its freezing cold, but only without snow ;)

As for stitching, I have been working on several things this week. First of all Vibrant Vista.

Second is Call of the Raven. I committed myself to put in a thousand stitches every month and it looks like I did it again, this month.

Then there is Foregone, a gift from a dear friend. Chrissie asked me about the whole picture, well, here it is.

And this is mine, not yet finished LOL

And this weekend I concentrated on Holland Springtime. The stitches I put in Holland Springtime are dedicated to a dear friend, who is in need of springtime like we know it in the Netherlands. A blue sky, a fresh air and crocuses and tulips everywhere. It has the promise of life, love, laughter and happy times. Stitching on Holland Springtime, she was on my mind.


Tania said...

Wat een prachtige HEAD! Ben echt jaloers erop! Veel succes ermee.

Christine said...

What lovely stitching. That HAED is stunning!

Elisa said...

Wouw wat een prachtige HEAD, je maakt echt schitterende werken. Ik mag blij zijn dat ik hier toevallig terecht kom.

Hopelijk vind je niet erg dat ik in het Nederlands reageer. Maar Engels lezen kan ik, schrijven helaas niet.

Ik kom je gouw volgen,
Gr Elisa M.

Mylene said...

Such beautiful designs you are working on and all are looking great!

Blu said...

All your WIPs look amazing!

Carolyn NC said...

Joke, your stitching is beautiful! Love your new piece.

Chrissie said...

Ik ga gewoon lekker in Nederlands reageren, de woorden schieten me gewoon te kort in het Engels om te zeggen!!!
OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Wat is die Foregone prachtig.
Niet te filmen, ik ben er werkelijk weg van!!!!
Je hebt echt super veel gedaan, je ziet de borduursels tot leven komen.
Knap dat je jezelf die verplichte 1000 steekjes oplegt en dan ook nog waar maakt.
Dikke knuf Joke en op naar de volgende 1000

Ingrid said...

oooohhh wauw prachtige werken , ook je laatste nieuwe is echt schitterend Joke , ik kijk er naar uit deze te volgen !

Giovanna said...

Great WIPs! They look so demanding, it's so good of you to keep up with so many at once. Your Holland Mandala is always my favourite - it's gorgeous!

Debra said...

your stitching is amazing. You have so many challenging pieces all going at the same time.

jacqueline said...

wow wat worden ze allemaal mooi!!! heel veel dikke knuffels van hier! groetjes

Claire said...

Your haed are coming on really well.

Sharon said...

Holy cow!!! You are really on a roll with all your beautiful stitching!!! It's always fun to wath all your lovely progress! :)

Janaina said...

omg...impressive work, indeed, Joke! As usual!
I have never worked on such super big projects, and I have a question:do you wash the piece from time to time, during the stitching process? I mean, one would spend months over a piece, and even if that one washs her hand before every time she takes the piece to work on, I would imagine it would end up dirt after a while. No? How do you cope with that?

Lonneke said...

Wauw! Dat ziet er allemaal prachtig uit!