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December 20, 2009

I really thought it was winter LOL

Last week I really thought it was winter, but now I know it wasn't. NOW it is winter! It has been snowing now for three days. Last Thursday when we woke up, it was so quiet outside and it took a while to realize what it was. There was no traffic! No cars, not even buses were driving and we soon found out even traintraffic was chaos.

Our DS was going to visit Paris with his schoolmates and they were going by train. We walked him to the trainstation and, lucky boy, he made it to Paris! From Thursday on, school is closed due to snowfall and so my holidays started already! I'll show you some snowy pictures below.
Now we are a bit worried. DS left Paris this morning and made it to Amsterdam by train. But the last message I got, he told me there was no traintraffic between Amsterdam and Groningen. We can't go there by car, there is a warning sent out not to drive if not urgent. So I'm afraid he will spend the night at the railwaystation ....

But, being stuck in the house isn't that awful LOL. I have been stitching all day today and I finished house nr. 5 of HOHRH! And I have some progress on Vibrant Vista again.

Now here are some pictures of our home and garden in the snow.

We live in a very creative neighbourhood.

Our car isn't parked here, ours is blue, not white LOL.


Margaret said...

Oh I hope your son can get home ok with all that snow! We've had the same here on the East coast of the US, but we were far enough north that we didn't get much at all compared to everyone else. Just the right amount. lol! I'm hoping the same thing for my daughter though as for your son -- she's planning on coming home on the train tonight from college -- and where she was had more snow, so we'll see! Love your WIPs as usual!

Maureen said...

Hope everyone got home okay - loving that little snow dog lol! Hope you are enjoying your extra stitching time

Lonneke said...

hihi Yes, that pretty much look like our place as well! Haven't seen this much snow in years! (Ok, that makes me sound really old...) It's fun though! Especially with a dog like ours, he is having so much fun!
I hope your son got home ok.

Giovanna said...

I hope your son made it home eventually! We're in similar conditions down here. Congrats on finishing another block on HoHRH, it's lovely!

Brigitte said...

Wow, the snow really hit you. I'm used to it as we live in the mountains but for you it must have been a bit unusual. I hope your son made it home after the night at the railway station.
Being stuck in the house means stitching time, right? And you made some great progress on your pieces.
I hope you were having some great Christmas holidays and a realxing weekend.

Debra said...

You did get the snow, love the pictures. And your stitching looks great.

Mylene said...

Happy Holidays to you and your family!

Bertie said...

Yes it is winter here too, last Tuesday the white stuff came down and staying.
A very creative snowperson indeed.

HOHRH is lovely.