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August 10, 2009

Back from France

Last Saturday we came back from our holidays in France. We had a wonderful time with warm, sunny weather and the house we rented was just perfect! It was about 60 km from Paris, so we also visited Paris a few times. Add extra time to sleep, to eat (French bread and cheese, yum!) to stitch, to read, to play games and the result is a perfect holiday! Pictures can be seen on Flickr. That way you can skip them if you want, and stick to my stitch-related news. I have to tell you, We also went to Beauvais, to the Tapestry Musuem and there are some beautiful pictures of tapestries.

Coming home I found out the pinkeep I stitched for the Summer House Exchange (HoE) was received by Sadie, so now I can show it. I stitched her a freebie of LHN, named Summer House (just a coincidence LOL) and used special threads from WDW and GAST from my stash. Finding a suitable ribbon wasn't that easy, but I think I succeeded.

Talking about stash, I added quite some items from LNS's at Paris. I visited three shops, and I loved all three of them. 'DeFil et Une Aiguille' was my favorite I think, with lots of charts and different threads.
I didn't take pictures of this shop, because on one occasion DS was visiting The Louvre and he needed the camera.

I do have pictures of Bonheur des Dames which is located in a very nice passage. Looking at the last picture of this, isn't it great, having a job that suits your passion?

On to progress pictures. I had quite some stitching time, mostly in the evening and early morning. I was rising early in the morning and that gave me some ' me-time' for a walk on my own through the fields and some extra stitching.

Of course I took ' Mary Wigham' with me. I can only work on her in daylight, outside in the shadow, so I could do quite a bit these weeks.

A little progress on HOHRH. Somehow this piece doesn't call for my attention and yet I like it, so I am determined to finish the third house this week. That means I have to pay les attention to my HAED's this week, but so be it!

My two HAED's, Call of the Raven and Vibrant Vista,
went also with me to France and I am quite satisfied with the progress I accomplished on them.

The Plantation sampler is the last one I have to show (you can see how it was folded in my suitcase). Considering I had only two weeks, with long days in Paris, I am more than satisfied. Except for my car project ... I always work on something smaller and on 28 ct. during long car-rides. This year I started LHN Home of a Needleworker Too. I thought I was doing fine, but one the ride home I found out I had miscounted, so I have to adjust the design OR frog .... Neither one of those options attracts me, so I think I'll let it be for a while.


Annie said...

What a marvelous vacation. I really envy you going to those beautiful shops and collecting all the great new stash.

Amazing that you managed to stitch so much. Everything looks great.

Perfect ribbon and perfect finish on the Summer House.

Margaret said...

I'm envious of your vacation to Paris. I'd love to go someday! Your WIPs are all looking fantastic.

Kathy said...

It sounds like you had a fabulous vacation. And Paris LNS's and stash and stitching time. It sounds just perfect. :)

Love all the pieces you are doing and the progress you made while on vacation is amazing.

Now I'm off to check your vacation photos.

Janaina said...

Oh, Joke, you look fab at Paris! =)
Thanks for sharing it with us!
Well done on the stitching progress!
Hugs and missing you!

Suzie said...

Joke, I'm SO happy that you enjoyed your wonderful holiday, and got not only some rest and relaxation, but some time in Paris too! How fantastic!!!

That shop is adorable, and just what I pictured a stitchery shop in Paris to look like. I don't think that I would ever want to leave! Thanks so much for sharing it with us!

I'm going to have to go check out the rest of your photos, too!

As for all of your stitching, what can I say, but BEAUTIFUL, as usual!! Congratulations on all of your progress!! And I'm sure that Sadie will treasure the piece you stitched for her.

I'm happy that you got to go, and that you had a perfect time, but it sure is good to have you back with us!

SGVChicago said...

Oh, I am going to Paris next spring and have printed your pictures so that I can find my way. I would love any hints you could give me!!!

Ellen said...

Wow, great stash! Love those shops, I am envious. Your wips look great too!


Lisa said...

Oh what a lovely shop, you could spend all day in there and not want to leave.

Michelle said...

Sounds like you had a fab time :) and lucky you those shops looked fab dont think my OH would let me near them lol says i spend too much haha, your stitchings look fantastic, you got soo much done well done, look forward to seeing them progress xx

Debra said...

Great pictures of your vacation. Looks like a great shop and stash!!! Your wips are all looking good.

Carolyn NC said...

Wow, Joke - three LNS's - how great. Your vacation sounds fantastic and I love your stash! Summer house is adorable, too.

Sandra said...

Seems you had a great time, and yes, you're right, the best thing you could do is have a job that suits your passion. That's why I founded a cross stitch and crochet club on my school, now I have the perfect job!!!

Great progress on your wips. They're all looking good!

Brigitte said...

A holiday in France is always worth while, particularly when a visit to Paris and its LNS is included, lol. I love your new stash, it's all my cup of tea, too.

too_busy_to_stitch said...

What lovely stash! Very French somehow, lol! That shops looks just wonderful - I have one of their kits, and it's good to see where it has come from.

CindyMae said...

All of your progress looks absolutely amazing!!! Wonderful new stash! What great items you got. Love all the pics of your holidays. The floor tiles and ceiling tiles are amazing. The items from the museum are just magnificent and what gorgeous sites you seen!! Thank you so much for sharing it all!!!

Maureen said...

thanks for sharing your pictures and for sharing about Paris' LNS. I am heading to Disneyland next March and planning a day in Paris - i can see exactly where i will be headed lol!

venus said...

very interesting to read ....thanks for giving this kind of blogs....thanks for sharing with us......I so enjoyed my visit to your blog....

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