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May 22, 2009

Birthday exchange with Taija , stash and a new start

In the Crazy Exchange Group, I have been involved in some birthday exchanges. Taija and I were a couple too. So a couple of weeks ago I sent her my gift to her, a bourse. The chart comes from The Gift of Stitching. I added some goodies too, but forgot to take a picture of the whole package.

Today the birthday present Taija sent me, arrived. Her package was so carefully and thoughtful wrapped, I have to show you!

She made me (what a skilled lady!) a selfmade notebook, and wrote she made it from begin to the end, all by herself.
She added some nice goodies, a piece of lovely fabric, two flossrings and pins. It was such a nice feeling, getting a birthday present after your birthday, it's like an extended birthday. Taija, thank you so much!

This week I finally decided to start a new BIG piece. Again a design of Chatelaine, Holland Springtime. Everything needed was collected some time ago, but I wanted to finish the Celtic Garden first. Now that masterpiece is at the framer's, I thought I could make a start on a new one. Updates will follow soon :)

I also bougth some new stash, I was getting afraid I would not have anything left to stitch, so I went to ebay and did some bidding on a couple of lovely charts., mostly Brightneedle Designs. Today they arrived and I am so happy with them! They all look great, so I went to ebay again to buy me some time LOL.


Melissa said...

That's a lovely bourse you've made, and the goodies you received are great.

On top of that, a great stash haul with the Brightneedle charts! I see you are 'collecting' this designer's charts - always a fun thing to do!

Margaret said...

I love that bourse! It's wonderful! Love your stash too. I love Brightneedle too. :D

CindyMae said...

the bourse is absolutely magnificent! It is gorgeous, well done! Love everything! The gift you received is great and that notebook is fantastic!

Brigitte said...

Both exchanges are wonderful. Your bourse is stitched and finished very beautifully, and the notebook is very special indeed.
Enjoy your new stash, the Brightneedle patterns are completely after my taste and I also have several of them.

Debra said...

Pretty bourse! Wow you did do some shopping. Enjoy your charts.

too_busy_to_stitch said...

What a beautiful bourse - looking forward to seeing Holland Springtime grow - I have it ready to go, but it will be a time yet...

Cindy F. said...

Beautiful bourse! You did an amazing job on that Joke!
Love the handmade book and you really did great with your ebay stash finds!!

Giovanna said...

Those exchange pieces are lovely, Joke, well done to both of you. I wish I could start the Holland Mandala too, but I have so much else to finish first. And what a great catch of BN charts, well done on that too!